Our Team

We're here to make your life better

Michael Whiting, MD

Founding Physician

Dr. Whiting started his career in family medicine after finishing residency at Scott Air Force Base in southern Illinois. He is a graduate of Loma Lina University School of medicine. He became interested in pain management just as the opioid crisis was beginning to thrust itself onto America, and has worked to find solutions for patients living daily with pain that offer real benefits without contributing to the oversupply of opioids in our communities. For those whose pain lead to addiction he also offers medication assisted treatment. He can offer anyone who desires to be less dependent upon medication a very real chance of reducing and in some cases eliminating their dependence altogether. 

Teri Rouse, CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Teri's passion for helping those in pain is built upon her many years of nursing experience. She enjoys the satisfaction and gratification of being a part of the process of developing a treatment plan that is designed to improve the patient's quality of life. Teri is proud to be a part of patient's life as they move toward being more active, functional and able to enjoy life within their limitations.